The Tobago YMCA Aqua Warriors were crowned the overall winners for the second year in a row at the recently concluded 4th Annual TYDC Tobago swim classics. The swimming championships was held at the Kendal Aquatic Facility hosted by the Tobago Youth Development Centre and sponsored by Blink/Bmobile on Sunday 28th July 2019. The Aqua Warriors contingent team won with a total of 1,096 points beating Tidal Wave Aquatics Swim Club Trinidad (234) and Blue Dolphin Swim Club Trinidad (185).


The swim team contingent comprising of 34 swimmers participated fiercely under the tutelage of head coach Mosi Denoon and assistant coach Rochelle Pierre. The team managed to accumulate 22 overall trophies and a massive medal haul of 149 medals (76 Gold medals, 40 Silver medals, 33 Bronze medals) clearly surpassing their 2018 medal haul record of 91 medals and 13 trophies claimed at last year’s edition of the championships.


The swim team contingent comprised of two categories, developmental and competitive.


The developmental team consisted of Aria Jordan, Kayla Antoine, Khalea Alfred, Xion Craig and D’angelo Williams in the 6 & Under age category.


The 7 – 8 age category was represented by Charde Sylvester, Brianna Edwards, Nickelle Roberts, Xaiya Roberts, Cherdine Sylvester, Gabrielle Jordan, Renata Thomas, Israel Jordan, Seanheim Alleyne, Sydney Sandy, Armani Douglas, Adon Young and Javonte Jack.


The 9 – 10 age group was represented Makayla Ollivierre, Tiana Peterkin, Tamia Peterkin, Malique Young and Kai Caruth and the 11 & Over age group was represented by Inez Thomas, Sebastian Winter-Roach, Shellon Cunningham, Timothy Clarke, Edwyn Thomas and Jamaal Edwards.


The competitive team in the 13 & Over age group category consisted of national swimmers Ornella Walker, Rochelle Pierre, Dante Williams and Mosi Denoon along with teammate John Procope.


The Overall Podium/Trophy winners from the Tobago YMCA Aqua Warriors from the recently concluded swim championships were as follows:


In the 6 & Under developmental girls age category, Aqua Warriors made a clean sweep with Aria Jordan placing 1st overall followed by teammates Khalea Alfred (2nd overall Winner) and Kayla Antione (3rd overall Winner). In the 6 & Under developmental Boys, Dangelo Williams placed 1st overall in the age group.


In the 7-8 developmental girls age group Aqua Warriors again made a clean sweep with Renata Thomas placing 1st overall followed by teammates Cherdine Sylvester (2nd overall Winner) and Gabrielle Jordan (3rd overall Winner) in that age group. The overall winners for the 7-8 developmental boys division were Israel Jordon 1st overall followed by teammate Sydney Sandy (2nd overall Winner).


Following the trend of the other developmental age categories, the Aqua Warriors also made a clean sweep in the 9 – 10 developmental girls age group category with Tamia Peterkin placing 1st overall followed by teammates Makayla Ollivierre (2nd Overall Winner) and Tiana Peterkin (3rd Overall Winner). The male winners in the 9-10 developmental boys division were Malique Young (1st Overall Winner) and Kai Caruth (3rd Overall Winner)


In the 11 & Over developmental age category, the Aqua Warriors Males made a clean sweep with Edwyn Thomas placing 1st overall followed by teammates Timothy Clarke (2nd Overall Winner) and Jamaal Edwards (3rd Overall Winner). In the 11 & Over developmental female division Inez Thomas placed 1st Overall to win the female age division.


In the competitive category, 13 & over female age group, Rochelle Pierre place 2nd overall followed by teammate Ornella Walker who placed 3rd Overall in the age category. In the 13 & over male category Dante Williams placed 2nd overall followed by teammate Mosi Denoon who placed 3rd overall in before mentioned age category.


The Aqua Warriors will now prepare for their next swimming championships at their home grounds, the Tobago YMCA Swimming Facility at Black Rock. The 8th Annual Tobago YMCA Invitational Swim Meet will commence on the 24th – 25th August, 2019 and will host a horde of clubs across Trinidad and Tobago.


The Tobago YMCA Aqua Warriors would like to take this opportunity to give our most heartfelt thanks for the support that the Tobago House of Assembly – Division of Sport and Youth Affairs have continued to give our talented and gifted swimmers.


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